Necessary items:

Solid State Drive: This is the one I purchased. Decent deal.

Small screwdrivers (mine are from Amazon, scored for $5)


Yellow Claw mixtape No4 (for feeling like a champion)


Hardware install start time: 5:00pm

Went smoothly until whoever installed the screws in the drive bay decided to be an asshole. 25 minutes to get those damn things out. Otherwise, everything fit perfectly. The new drive is noticeably lighter than the old one, and built from plastic instead of metal.

Hardware install finish: 5:40pm

Elapsed time: 40 minutes


Software install start time: 5:45

1) Remove RAID array: found that info here

2) Pop in the Win7 install disk, install Windows

5:52pm – Uh-oh, Windows didn’t see my second hard drive in the list of possible drives. Could present a problem. But, selecting the SSD works. Continuing with the install regardless. Probably just have to format the secondary drive.

5:57pm – Grab a drink, wait for Windows to install.

6:12pm – Looks like Windows is about done installing.

3) Follow these instructions to install drivers and shit in the correct order.

6:14pm – Had to format the secondary hard drive, as expected.

6:21pm – Installed HM67 chipset driver; had to dig into the Resource DVD to find it. Time to restart.

6:27 – Installed Realtek PCIE & Audio drivers. Restart again. Boot time: 10 seconds.

6:40 – Installed more drivers. Blue screen of death after installing nVidia 460m driver.

7:02 – Seems the Wifi drivers don’t want to install.

7:33 – Had to go into device manager, right click unknown network device, then navigate to the unzipped Dell Half-mini Wifi card driver folder. Pain in my ass.

7:45 – Installing Windows updates.

8:06 – Installing update 18 of 139….. *sigh*

8:14 – 53 of 139…time to get a refill on my drink.

8:30 – 88 of 129

10:01 – finally done with all the updates! Now installing my Steam games.


Glad to be finally done with the install! It was fairly straightforward. Can’t wait to see how this performs in games.

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