This was a year of immense personal growth and exploration. My second year at Rochester Institute of Technology presented me with difficult challenges and opportunities to grow, and I embraced both.


My favorite class this year was a two-part study in User Experience design and development with professors Brian O’Keefe for part one and Sean Boyle for the second part. Professor O’Keefe truly seemed to love the subject and kept the class light with constant references to Back to the Future and Bruce Lee movies. For the second part, Professor Boyle did what he could to keep the class light, but the material was much more dense and the projects much more demanding. In a few weeks, our 4-man team built a site using Bootstrap that showcased an interface for a concept product. Though the coursework was stressful and I lost a lot of sleep, I ended up on the dean’s list this Spring with a GPA of 3.67.

Social growth was a crucial part of this year. I joined a fraternity, Sigma Alpha Mu. It was through them that I found that I truly enjoy philanthropic events. Mainly, this involved pestering people for money on the Quarter Mile at RIT. I spent a good amount of time volunteering at the local animal shelter. I also gained a bunch of new friends and learned how to plan a great event!

Another important step was my focus on getting an internship for the summer. After spending the winter polishing my portfolio, I applied to over 100 jobs. After a few interviews for a few interesting companies, I decided to work for AOL in Dulles, Virginia as an intern for the Central Engineering department. I’ve already been here a month! Halfway done with the internship already.

Time really flew by this year. I’m nervous and excited for the days to come.

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