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It’s been a busy couple of weeks for me! I’ve been working on a big feature release at work, and in my free time, I’ve also been working on arkWatcher and ojo, two open-source Javascript projects. I ran into an issue with some of arkWatcher’s functionality that I posted to StackOverflow, and ended up getting some excellent guidance from my brilliant coworker Michael Timbrook. He suggested using Reactive Extensions to solve my problem, so I’ve been reading up on it the past day or two. It’s really cool, and builds quite simple functions into complex functions to solve big problems. So far, I’ve found this awesome YouTube video and this guide to help me learn more about it.


In other, non-programming, news, I’ve been swimming a ton lately. I love it, and it’s fun, but it’s made me noticeably more tired and hungry lately, so I probably have to eat more.

Speaking of eating more, check out this breakfast sandwich I custom-ordered at Lucky Donuts and Deli. Two glazed donuts, scrambled eggs, excellent bacon, and bubbly cheese. This was, without a doubt, the most craving-satisfying, stomach-filling, rich, delicious thing I’ve eaten in a long time.

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I’m of the firm belief that you have to have a cheat meal once in a while, at least. This near-obscene, perfect sweet-and-salty combination is the cheatiest of all meals.

This month is just flying by, and I still haven’t come up with a Halloween costume. It’s weird – being on the West Coast for the first time, it doesn’t feel like Fall yet, so some part of me is in denial about what time of year it is. But the days are getting shorter. My friends back at home sent me tons of pictures of hail and snow and 20 degree temperatures last weekend, which seems a little early, even for the Northeast, although this week was apparently a gorgeous one. Here in San Diego, it’s been pretty nice with some occasional rain and cool temperatures. Here was the view on my porch this morning:

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Yeah, I live next to a freeway. And a construction site. It’s pretty loud sometimes.

Pool’s nice, though.

This month, I really started pushing myself more physically, mentally, and with my work. I’m starting to enjoy and see great benefit from pushing past the limits of my comfort zone and moving as far into the learning zone as I can. I’m working on finding small optimizations that give me more time, and then using that time to get stronger.



The other day, my buddy asked my advice about which things he should prioritize in his life and which he should drop. The problem was – all the items he wanted me to choose from were equally important. The only answer I could give him in good conscience was that he had to do them all. If they’re all critically important items, what other choice does he have?

Sometimes, it feels like we have the barest illusion of choice;  really, we have no true choice at all. Sometimes we just have to stay awake later than we want; sometimes we have to concentrate longer and harder, and do more, than we ever thought possible. Sometimes, everything seems to go wrong all at once.

Important in my examination of these ideas is remembering how lucky we are to be given these challenges in the first place. How lucky we are that we have people all around us who’ve gone through similar things! I’m starting to treat each challenge as a gift, a lesson, and a test. A way to glean as much as possible from the brilliant and amazing people around me.

Anyway, that’s about it! Enjoy your weekend. Do something new.

Until next time!

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