Finished Chocolate Caviar
Dessert that pretends it’s dinner.

I cut dates in half and removed the pits. Then, I filled up the date halves with Nutella.

Date halves filled with Nutella.

I crushed up some walnuts with my bare hands and coated them in raw, organic cacao and honey, along with some hazelnut oil. These are our ‘caviar’ eggs. They get sprinkled all over the date-Nutella shells.

Our chocolate caviar.




Some ‘caviar’ spooned onto the date halves

Then, I heated some organic goji berries with water and more hazelnut oil and arranged it all on a pretty plate.

Rehydrated Goji berries

And it was good.

The pictures don’t really do it justice. I need a macro lens.


They came out even better than I dared to dream. The Goji berries balance out the intense chocolate sweetness and serve to cleanse the palette between tastes.


Please, give me free stuff, Ferrero (Makers of Nutella).

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