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TLDR: I gave Google a few bucks to promote my Chrome Extension, Niceties.
After one month of Google Adsense campaigning, I’m here to bring you the results, which were pretty good!

google adwords

First, the numbers.
Clicks: 81
Views: 4,288
Cost: $6.92

The good news: Over four thousand impressions. That’s pretty cool. 81 clicks is decent.

The bad news: these impressions didn’t really translate into more people downloading my application. I now hover around 35 active weekly users, up from around 25. This is awesome, but I have a feeling that these additional users are more due to my buddy Avanish promoting my app on his social media channels.

I’m probably going to close this campaign. It was fun, and a good learning experience, but since I’m not making any money from the application, it doesn’t benefit me to continue marketing it.

Happy Tax Day!

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1 thought on “Working with Google Adsense – Part Two

  1. Great summary! Helpful too! Often percieve the AdSense as easy money. Always needs more work than as told. Thanks for the info.

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