For fun and experience, I’m looking into using AdSense to promote my free Chrome Extension, Niceties. First, I added a new campaign with a low daily expenditure of 25 cents per day. Next, I created an ad.

I picked a nice headline, and some grabby descriptions. I also pointed the URL to my site’s homepage, rather than my app’s. However, when the ad’s clicked, it still takes the user to the Niceties Chrome Store page.

AdWords setup

One annoying problem: Google disallows using a different URL for the target and the homepage. I just got an email saying my ad has been rejected! So, unfortunately, I had to change them to both be the same.

I also picked out a few cool keywords to help target the users I’m looking for. All that was left to do was enter my payment info, and I’m all set! In one month, I’ll post the results.

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