I recently picked up two TP-Link point-to-point WiFi extenders for my dad’s shop behind his house. This will allow us to view his Uniden Guardian cameras from anywhere we have access to the internet!

Now that I’ve connected to the router and am logged in to the interface, I have 3 options: AP Client Router, AP Router, and AP. However, the guide doesn’t define these well, so I’m looking up which I should use. We’re going to try AP first.

After a bit of haggling, I found this guide which helped a bit.

After 2 hours, we’re still having issues connecting to the house’s router, though, and the lack of manufacturer diagrams for network setup isn’t helping.

We finally got it to work by simply restarting the equipment and running through the instructions we found again. The feed from the cameras is steady, high-speed, and can handle all four cameras with ease. All in all, this wasn’t the easiest setup, but the gear is weatherproof, holds a signal, and should serve for many years to come.

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