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Alright! So most of the site is done, and I’m adding in the last few pieces, including a file uploader. Figure I’ll follow this tutorial.

The image uploader turned into a bit of a nightmare. I had to customize the script quite a bit for it to fit into my form correctly. I’ll be adding it to the repository so we can take a look at the changes I made. Now that it’s done, I’m looking through the grading rubric and taking a look at what I have left to complete.

1) There will be a minimum of 15 items total in the database
Okay, cool, I can do that when I move this onto the production server.

2)There will be links that allow the user to go to the next or previous page of items as applicable with selected page number validation
Kind of strange thing to require for just 15 items; let’s table that one for now.

3)A form to put items on sale or remove them from being on sale. You must validate that there is a minimum of 3 items on sale at any one time with a maximum of 5 items on sale at one time.
Ah, crap. The second part of this sounds kind of difficult. I have the first part set, though.

4) A password field. No posting/update should happen without a match (or some sort of login with session management)
And I need to set up a login page for the administrator. I’ve only done this a few times before, but it shouldn’t be too hard.

5) All input will be validated and sanitized as appropriate based on the information in the field.
I have HTML5’s useful input type fields and PHP’s prepared statements to thank for this. Pretty much complete, just gotta check to make sure it’s 100% done.

Instead of doing any of this, I decided to add a little line into the navigation bar to show the count of items in the cart.
<?php if(sizeOf(getCart()) > 0){
echo "[";
printf(sizeOf(getCart()), true);
echo "]"; }
It’s getting late and I’m exhausted, so I think I’ll save the rest for tomorrow night.

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